Freediving Dimension

Freediving El Nido since 2014

Everyone can do it.

It is easy to understand why freediving is the fastest growing underwater activity. Especially since freediving is the most natural way of experiencing the ocean. In fact every one can do it. Not only but you will be surprised to see how easy it can be. More over you will realize how well the human body is adapted to the water. As a result it is a fun, healthy, rewarding and environmentally friendly activity.

It’s an amazing skill to have.

 We recommend freediving as one of the best ways to discover the unbelievable marine diversity found in El Nido. Only freediving can give you this feeling of total freedom and complete relaxation as you glide effortlessly throughout the water. Once mastered, it’s a skill that will change your relationship to the ocean. Furthermore it can help you discover and expand your own limits.

Learn in a top freediving spot.

The Philippines are a world class destination for freediving. El Nido, located at the northern tip of Palawan is one of the top freediving spots in the country. The area is known for its beautiful islands surrounded with crystal clear waters. In particular you don’t want to miss on it’s amazing coral reefs teaming with marine life. As a result, El Nido’s unique setting offers perfect conditions for freediving with a stunning background.

Our mission is to share our passion.

At Freediving Dimension, we believe that a personal approach to freediving is essential. Accordingly, our experienced instructors focus on small groups only.  As a result, we provide you with a safe environment in which to learn and progress. After you have learned the proper techniques with us, you will be able to explore the ocean and enjoy freediving anytime and anywhere. Finally, all our courses are approved by AIDA, the world’s leading freediving organization.