Our story

In 2014 we opened the first freediving center in El Nido. We have been sharing our passion with you ever since. Through our daily courses and training we help freedivers from around the world reach their goals. Moreover we never miss an opportunity to go explore the amazing underwater world surrounding El Nido.

Our Home

When it comes to freediving in the Philippines, El Nido needs to be at the top of your list. Palawan, the Philippines last frontier, is famous for its untouched wilderness and breathtaking scenery. El Nido has just as much to offer beyond the surface. It’s colorful coral reefs are home to a dazzling variety of fish.

The beautiful islands making up Bacuit bay form a natural shelter. As a result, the water is calm and clear almost all year around. This unique setting offers perfect conditions for freediving.

Freediving in the Philippines

The Philippines are quickly becoming the top destination for freedivers in Asia and beyond. The country boasts of more than 7,000 islands lined with pristine beaches and blessed with great weather. Part of the coral triangle, it’s rich waters are teaming with marine life. Add to this the fact that Philippinos are arguably the friendliest people in Asia and it is easy to understand why freediving in the Philippines is becoming so popular.

Our  Values

Freediving is environmentally friendly by definition. It is the least intrusive way to visit the underwater world and allows you a more intimate experience with marine life.

As freedivers we can help raise the awareness on the importance of marine life conservation. By making it accessible to everyone we hope to get more people interested in protecting the ocean and it’s inhabitants. To this end we organize free workshops for locals and take an active part in the collective efforts made to keep our beaches clean and the ocean healthy.

Our promise

Because quality and safety are our top priorities, we believe that an individualized approach to freediving is essential. For this reason our experienced instructors only work with small groups. We provide you with a safe environment where you can progress and enjoy yourself. We consider ourselves lucky to be able to put our heart in what we do every day.

Our partners

Finally all of our courses are certified by AIDA, the world’s leading freediving organization. It’s a guarantee of quality for instructors and course materials. It also means that as a student your certification will be recognized everywhere you go.

About AIDA

AIDA has been the main authority for international freediving competitions since 1992. It was the first sport federation to step up and implement proper regulations for freediving world records. Since it has kept on working at delivering and improving a safe set of rules and guidelines for competitions and record attempts. AIDA also participates in scientific studies on breath hold diving to further the understanding of the human body’s reaction to deep diving and thus improving safety guidelines.