Our team: a commitment to quality

At Freediving Dimension, we believe in an individualized approach, offering you a more personal experience. Progress faster thanks to our efficient training methods and the ideal sea conditions.

Your safety is our priority: When diving with us our experienced and professional staff will provide a safe environment where you will have the best chances of unlocking your freediving potential.

Freediving is our passion. We share more than theoretical classes when doing courses with our students.We are lucky to be able to put our heart in what we do every day.

Freediving in paradise: El Nido is a great area for freediving

Always wanting to share our passion for the ocean and exploring all the ways to visit the underwater world, it is naturally that we turned our attention on freediving and created the first freediving school in El Nido.

With great dive sites close to the shore and some of the most magnificent settings found in Asia, El Nido is the place to be when it comes to freediving in the Philippines.

Freediving is environmentally friendly by definition. It is the least intrusive way to visit the underwater world and allows you a more intimate experience with marine life.

Certifications: Why AIDA?

AIDA has been the main authority for international freediving competitions and record setting events since 1992.

It’s a guarantee of quality for instructors and as a student your certification will be recognized every where you go.

It was the first sport federation to step up and implement proper regulations for freediving world records. Since it has kept on working at delivering and improving a safe set of rules and guidelines for competitions and record attempts. AIDA also participates in scientific studies on breath hold diving to further the understanding of the human body’s reaction to deep diving and thus improving safety guidelines.