El Nido has so much to offer in and out of the water. Here is a list of activities to keep you busy for weeks.

What to do while in El Nido?

Island hopping

This in still the number one activity in El Nido. Choose your favorite way of seeing the world famous lagoons and beaches.

-A sure value for all your island hoping needs is to visit our neighbors at Apetour.

-If you are in a hurry to see it all a speed boat is the way to go. Contact Philippines a la carte.

-For overnight expeditions there is the always popular Tao Philippines and Native Exploration.


If you are going to learn to freedive in the Philippines, do it with us in the best possible spot: right here in El Nido. Freediving Dimension is the first dedicated freediving center in El Nido. Come say hi or contact us if you have any questions.

Scuba diving

For PADI courses, we always recommend Palawan Divers. Other well established dive shops include Aquanaut and Submariner in the town center.

For certified divers who just want to fundive, have a look at Pa-Lao-Yu in Corong-corong.

Kayaking and standup paddling

Discover amazing beaches just a quick paddle away. There are many places to rent from in the town proper and along Corong-corong beach. If you are looking for a proper sit in kayak, El Gordo’s got you covered.

Just remember to check the weather forecast and pack enough sunscreen and water.


Hobie cats are available for hire from El Nido Sailing. If you don’t know how to sail no problem, those are very simple boats and the sailing instructors working there can teach you the basics. If you already have experience you can book your slot and join the regatta every Sunday!

There is also an IYT sailing school based in Lio for those who want to get on board a bigger boat and eventually get certified as a skipper.

Kite surfing

For all your kite surfing needs head to the east coast. The whole area is blessed with strong winds and long shallow beaches ideal for watersports. For a comfortable stay in the area and in house gear rental and instructors, there is only one address: Qi Palawan. For a more casual day out contact the local guys in Sibaltan or San Fernando.


Duli is the spot if you want to enjoy surfing during your stay in El Nido. When the conditions are right there is a nice swell. Additionally since the beach is very wide there is plenty of room for everyone. Surfboard rentals and lessons are available from Salatan surf.

Beach bumming

Exhausted from all the action? Take a day off to relax on one of El Nido’s best beaches.

-The closest to town is Maremegmeg (aka Las Cabanas / aka Vanila beach). There you will find several bars and restaurants. Our favorite is the birds house. The view alone is worth walking the stairs up.

-Next is Lio. A large beach compound next to the airport with all you need onsite plus a gym and a nice spa. It has been well planned and there is plenty of shade as you walk under the trees along the shore.

Nacpan beach is known as the most beautiful beach in El Nido. It is a gem indeed and still largely undeveloped on it’s north end.

-Further north, Dagmay must be El Nido’s best kept secret. If you like it quiet look no further. Just be sure to bring water and food with you as it is basically desert.

-At the very tip of Palawan, you will find Diapila. It is an authentic little fishing village. It’s a long ride in the dirt to get there so be sure you are comfortable riding a motorbike before heading out that way.

Dipnay in San Fernando makes for a nice day trip and the road overlooking the bay offers great vantage points.

Staying Fit

Looking for the perfect way to prepare for freediving? Namaste offers daily Yoga classes and massages.

For a more intensive cardio session, join the Boxing classes at Madness. The guys train hard and they are super friendly.

If you are just looking for a place to workout, Peak Gym in town is conveniently located but can feel a bit rundown. Lio might be a better option if you don’t mind the drive.

Jogging along the highway is not a good idea as there is no side walk. Instead find the path to Dagal-dagal just past Vanilla beach entrance and enjoy the fresh air along the beach.


Bulalacao has a nice pool where to swim and even a few platforms to jump from.

Kuyawyaw is more popular and has three different levels of falls in a nice jungle setting.

Both can run dry in the summer month so inquire about the water levels before going there.


Lio eco trail is a good place to spot birds and wildlife. It is just a 4km round trip but it can get hot. Try to get there early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Dewel Valley is a lush mix of rice fields, jungle, caves and mangroves. The area has much to offer but be sure to hire a local guide in order to see all the best spots.

View points

Climb up Taraw Cliff in town. It is an easy way up the secured route. At the top, you will reach a view point overlooking El Nido bay. There used to be another longer and more difficult route but it is closed at the moment due to safety reasons.

The Zip Line runs over Maremegmeg beach and lands onto the islet just west of it.


Ile cave is the main archeological site of region and makes for an interesting side trip. Aside from learning about the daily lives and habits of the early inhabitants of the surrounding area you can take a tour of the cave and even walk to the top of the limestone tower to admire the view.

Balay kuyonon and the attached museum displays traditional architecture, craft and customs of the original inhabitants of Palawan.