Advanced Freediving Course

Over three days, this advanced freediving course will help you unlock your potential and become an independent freediver.

freediving instructor

Take your freediving to the next level

Now that you know the basics, we will help you expand your limits and make it possible for you to comfortably reach new depths. You will also acquire a global understanding of freediving techniques and safety procedures.

El Nido offers perfect conditions for freediving

Here you will enjoy calm and clear water. This always makes it is easier to relax and progress. The stunning scenery and rich marine life are just bonus. Our experienced instructors will be here to guide you along and provide you with a safe and effective training program.

This is the time to unlock your potential

Thanks to this course, you will learn the freefall and frenzel equalization technique. Once mastered these techniques can take you easily to 30m and beyond. For many people, freefalling is the best thing about freediving. Just hold your breath relax and enjoy the ride.