Water Time
TheoryOnline knowledge development
Depth 30 meters
Duration 3 days

Confirmed Freediver Course

Over the next few days, you’ll practice various drills designed to help you progress in oxygen management, deep equalization and safety. The goal is to prepare you to independently plan and participate in freediving activities with other experienced buddies. After going through the theory online, the fun begins with the in water training.

Days: 3
Time: 8:00am – 4:00pm
Includes: Theory, Relaxation & Breathing, Open Water session
Price: Php18,000

If you are here, you already know that you love freediving. Now, you can take your freediving to the next level. You will master the free fall and improve your oxygen management, practice deep equalization and provide advanced safety.
Day 1: In the morning, you’ll design your own warm up and coaching routines and perform a static breathold. After the lunch break you will do your first open water session, getting back in the water and practicing frenzel. By 4:00pm, we’ll be back in Freediving Dimension for a debriefing.

Day 2: Start the day by designing and performing your own dynamic tables during our second confined water session. In the afternoon you’ll do your second open water session where you’ll get to start practicing the the free fall.

Day 3: On the 3rd open water session, you’ll try out different drills and safety exercises. The 4th open water session will be the time to put what you learned together and why not get a new personal record!

Day 4 : If you want to get even more out of your course we recommend you to take an extra day to complete our full program. This will allow you to recover better from your dives and to incorporate important preparation techniques. Learn how freediving specific stretching can help you dive better and even get more air in your lungs.  Pranayama, the science of breathing will help to get your mind and body ready for deep dives.
Our discovery Freediving course package includes:

  • Full freedive gear
  • AIDA instructive materials and online theory pack
  • Instructor fee
  • AIDA certification card
  • Boat travel
  • Warm lunch made from fresh local ingredients
  • The undivided attention of our friendly dive staff.

You can pay by cash or by Paypal. Our package does not include the Eco Tourism Development Fee and it has to be paid in cash. This ticket costs Php200 and is valid for 10 days.

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