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Weather in El Nido

Understanding the weather and seasons in El Nido. El Nido enjoys pleasant weather and calm seas are great for freediving. Even though it can be at times hard to predict, El Nido’s weather follows distinct patterns depending on the seasons of the year. To get the most out of your trip, time your visit to […]

Where to find us

Our freediving center is located in Corong-corong, El Nido, Palawan. It’s a 5min tricycle ride (local taxi) from the center of El Nido. Ask for “La Plage”, a popular restaurant on the beach front. You will see us on your left side as you approach the beach through the sandy path. In Corong-corong you will […]

Freediving in the Philippines

Why Philippines is a must go for freediving? Located in the coral triangle, the Philippines offer some of the best diving in the world. Thanks to it’s amazing biodiversity and ideal water conditions, it has been a major scuba diving destination for more than 3 decades now. Today the calm and clear waters of this paradisiac […]

The Mammalian Diving Reflex

How can people possibly hold their breath for so long or dive that deep? The human body has a set of physiological reactions that helps it deal with breath hold diving. These adaptations where inherited through evolution and can be found shared by all mammals. Of course this includes dolphins, whales, seals… The same mechanism […]

The Bajau people

• The Bajau, people of the sea They live of the fishing they make from their hand crafted houseboats called lepa. Their boat is also where they live with their family, and how they travel from island to island. Others chose to live on stilt houses in coastal areas but maintain a close connection with […]

Freediving and sailing: a unique association

Freediving and sailing: a beautiful combination of two silent water sports! • Freediving is an ancient sport, likely starting with sponge diving during the time of Plato in Ancient Greece.  And there is evidence (the mammalian dive reflex) that humans have evolutionary roots as aquatic mammals.  Today freediving is practiced as an extreme sport, or with […]

Welcome spearos

I come from a spearfishing background myself and understand the needs and specificity of a spearfishing oriented training. We welcome beginners as well as seasoned spearfishers. Together we will asses your personal strengths and goals, and thanks to our efficient and varied training methods, you can expect dramatic improvement in all areas. I can tell […]

Mermaids: make a myth come true!

Do you believe in mermaids? All of us have heard stories about mermaids. You may even already encountered one before. In biology the “Sirenia” is an order of aquatic mammals that includes the dugong and manatee. This comes from a legend about their discovery, involving lonely sailors mistaking them for sirena, so you may confused a mermaid with […]

What you will see

El Nido offers some of the best marine life variety to be seen freediving in the Philippines. It’s many reefs are rich of more than 850 species of fishes, 120 of corals and many other creatures. On any given dive, you are likely to see an abundance of reef fish: parrotfish, damselfish, butterflyfish, angelfish, pipefish, […]