Water Time
TheoryOnline Theory Pack
Depth 20 meters
Duration 2 days
Beginner Freediving Course
It’s a 2-day program that provides the knowledge and skills you need to become a certified freediver. After completing your theory online, you can begin your in-water training with your instructor. Our experienced instructors will introduce you to the wonderful world of freediving in a relaxed and safe manner. It’s easy, exciting and fun! After completing this course, you’ll be more confident whenever near or the surface and you’ll have the opportunity to dive up to 20m.
Time: 8:00am – 4:00pm
Includes: Theory, Relaxation & Breathing, Static, Dynamic, Depth training
Price: Php12,500

Online Theory Pack: Before starting your in-water training, you need basic knowledge about freediving. Going through the theory takes 4 to 6 hours and we warmly recommend to do it online. The online theory pack allows you to study back home at your own pace and to show up in El Nido ready to freedive. To get the access code, we ask first for a 50% deposit. If you agree, we’ll send you a Paypal invoice.
Course Orientation: The day before your 1st day of diving, we’ll be waiting for you at Freediving Dimension for your course orientation. You’ll meet up with our team, be introduced to your guide, fill out papers and fit your equipment. You’ll be explained how works our operations and you can get some tips about El Nido.
Day onerelaxation session – static apnea – open water session
We will go over some of the theory in the morning. Then our boat will take you to paradise beach where you will start by practicing breathing and relaxation techniques.Time for a static apnea session, by learning to control your body and mind you will achieve longer and easier breathold. After a freshly cooked, healthy lunch break, you will go for an open water session. By 4:00pm, we will be back in Freediving Dimension for a debriefing.
Day two: dynamic session – open water session
After looking at some more technical aspect of the dive in the classroom, once again we go to our favorite island by boat.Ready for a dynamic training session where you will improve finning technique and body position thanks to the advices from your instructor. During your 2nd open water session you will realize how much you have improved thanks to the Freediving Beginner Course.
Our discovery Freediving course package includes:

  • Full freedive gear
  • AIDA instructive materials and online theory pack
  • Instructor fee
  • AIDA certification card
  • Boat travel
  • Warm lunch made from fresh local ingredients
  • The undivided attention of our friendly dive staff.

You can pay by cash or by Paypal. Our package does not include the Eco Tourism Development Fee and it has to be paid in cash. This ticket costs Php200 and is valid for 10 days.

Can I freedive if I smoke? smoking is not recommended in every aspect of life. But if you’re in good shape, it’s fine. Freediving is more about the C02 tolerance than lungs capacity.
Static sessions are all about preparation and relaxation. You only have to hold your breath while laying at the surface. Easy you would say? Yes if done properly but it can also be a real mental challenge.
Dynamic sessions are the best time to improve finning technique. You will be swimming horizontally a few meters below the surface. The goal here is to be as efficient as possible in order to cover the greatest distance on a single breath.
Open Water sessions are the time to put it all together.  This is what freediving is all about, going deeper, you will be descending along a line serving as a guide and gradually getting comfortable with the depth.

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