The Benefits of freediving

Start to explore today

You only have to learn it once to be able to enjoy freediving every time you decide. The ocean offers unlimited wonders and discoveries for those who like to explore. It’s a new experience every time you go in, even if it’s just for the pleasure of playing in the water in total freedom. Thanks to the light and portable equipment, it’s possible to enjoy freediving anytime and anywhere. All the gear can fit in a back pack after all, some even choose to go with just a mask on.

Be one with the ocean

Freediving is the least intrusive way to interact with the marine life. With smooth and quiet movements you can experience a closer connection with all the sea creatures. You might be surprised to see species of fish that never came close to you before. Many are driven away by the bubbles created when scuba diving. The opposite is true when freediving. A classic example would be turtles that often get inquisitive and come closer to freedivers just out of curiosity.

Raise your self awareness

Freediving can help you learn about yourself. You need to be in tune with your feelings when you freedive. Further more by acknowledging your limits you can focus your training and later surpass what used to be a challenge for you. As you gain experience, you will be able to conquer your fears and remain calm under pressure. It is highly rewarding to witness your own progression and definitely a boost for your self confidence.

A healthy habit

Freediving is one of the most relaxing activity and the great feeling lasts for hours after you get out of the water. By learning to breath more efficiently, you can expect to see improvements in general mood and energy levels. Like many outdoor activities freediving will put a smile on your face as you burn calories and release stress. Being in the water allows for gentle movements which can help prevent injuries and even heal areas that suffered from on land sports with higher impacts on joints.