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Freediving and sailing: a unique association

Freediving and sailing: a beautiful combination of two silent water sports!

• Freediving is an ancient sport, likely starting with sponge diving during the time of Plato in Ancient Greece.  And there is evidence (the mammalian dive reflex) that humans have evolutionary roots as aquatic mammals.  Today freediving is practiced as an extreme sport, or with freedive spearfishing, and freediving photography.

• Sailing is naturally the support of choice for a full freediving immersion in Philippines’ most beautiful islands. Reunite with nature and the elements and set the mood for your practice by combining the two activities. You will enjoy having all the comfort of a large, modern sailboat offering its support at all time, making the dive sessions easy and secure.

Freediving and sailing: a great way to discover El Nido’s secret places

Whether you want to discover the most secluded islands in Palawan or just get away from the crowd and noise for a day, you have found a comfortable, peaceful and unique way to do it. You will be gliding silently through the limestone cliffs and anchoring in untouched lagoons.

Deepen your experience and embark for a timeless and boundless journey. Live your El Nido experience to the fullest and take our fast and comfortable sail boat out for a day of bliss.

Freediving and sailing: An Australian magazine wrote a piece about us!

Have a look to this article written by Ashleigh Mills about a 2-day freediving and sailing trip in El Nido: the Australia Times. Check it page 36!

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