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Freediving in the Philippines

Why Philippines is a must go for freediving?

Located in the coral triangle, the Philippines offer some of the best diving in the world. Thanks to it’s amazing biodiversity and ideal water conditions, it has been a major scuba diving destination for more than 3 decades now. Today the calm and clear waters of this paradisiac archipelago are drawing the attention of freedivers worldwide.

Can you ask for more?

Freediving in the Philippines you will find yourself in 30°C waters and 30m visibility with a postcard picture background. The country is now home to a growing community of freedivers. You will find several centers and people training throughout the country. More international competitions and events are taking place. If you are looking for the next freediving hotspot in Asia, you have found it.

El Nido and Bacuit Bay offers a great settings above and under the water

What about freediving in El Nido?

During your stay indulge in the island lifestyle. El Nido seems to have found the perfect balance between nature and comfort. Conserving its fisherman’s village charm it now offers all the commodities you would need to make the most of your stay. Surrounded with a pristine environment, El Nido offers a wide range of accommodations, restaurants and activities. The slow life pace and quiet surroundings are an invitation to lay down in a hammock recovering from your diving watching the timeless sunset.

We welcome freedivers of all levels. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned apneist we have something for you, find all the details about our freediving courses and special training opportunities.

Healthy food lovers: take advantage of the abundance of fresh sea food and delicious tropical fruits found yearly on the local market. If ever you want more action, there is always an opportunity for exploration weather on land or in the water. Hiking, mountain biking, kayaking…

Take a look at our blog on life in El Nido to find all the details.