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Mermaids: make a myth come true!

Do you believe in mermaids?

All of us have heard stories about mermaids. You may even already encountered one before. In biology the “Sirenia” is an order of aquatic mammals that includes the dugong and manatee. This comes from a legend about their discovery, involving lonely sailors mistaking them for sirena, so you may confused a mermaid with one of those gracious creature.

With more than 7000 islands, Philippines is an archipelago. Surrounded by waters housing a high diversity of marine life, it is obvious that people believe in mermaids and siyokoy (male sirena).

It is also that the mermaids has a an enchanting voice. They may attract and hypnotize fishermen or sailors. By distracting them from their work, mermaids force them to walk off the deck or cause shipwrecks. Some old folk traditions claim that the Sirena carry its victims under the sea and offer them to their water God. Other stories claim that the Sirena squeezes the life out of drowning men while trying to rescue them.

Myth or reality, you can make this dream come true and learn how you can use your natural abilities underwater. It is safe and easy. Everyone can do it!  Have a look at our freediving courses we offer here in El Nido. We accept complete beginners up to Advanced freedivers.

How does it feel to be a mermaid? Watch a dream-like short film named “Whale Fantasia“!

Alan Watts has created this beautiful short film entirely with GoPro camera. It shows 3 sirens dancing together with 3 humpback whales like in a dream. Renowned for their great and innovative, underwater video stylings, Performance Freediving International recently teamed up with GoPro to create this wonferful short film named“Whale Fantasia“. Narrated by the late Alan Watts, Whale Fantasia mesmerizes with stunning images and footage, all captured by HD Hero cameras.

You can watch this video on youtube “Whale Fantasia”

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