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I come from a spearfishing background myself and understand the needs and specificity of a spearfishing oriented training. We welcome beginners as well as seasoned spearfishers. Together we will asses your personal strengths and goals, and thanks to our efficient and varied training methods, you can expect dramatic improvement in all areas. I can tell you that getting closer to bigger and more abundant fish, thanks to good technique is highly rewarding. Join us for a course or just a day, your fish stringer will thank you. You will also be safer freediving thanks to vital safety techniques. Set new limits and extend your comfort zone. Better relaxation will make the whole experience more enjoyable. So take advantage of being here and sharpen your skills in one of Philippines best freediving location.

El Nido has unlimited exploration possibilities. With countless islands and rocks offering all possible environments you will soon have your own favorite. The proximity of all this variety means that with quick boat ride or even swimming around the corner you will find new conditions, scenery and sea life. Have a look at some of our favorite dive sites.

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