El Nido offers some of the best marine life variety to be seen freediving in the Philippines.

Its many reefs are rich of more than 850 species of fishes, 120 of corals and many other creatures.

On any given dive, you are likely to see an abundance of reef fish: parrotfish, damselfish, butterflyfish, angelfish, pipefish, clownfish and many others. Grouper, snapper and trevally are common, and you may see large schools of mackerel, bat fish and baraccuda. You are also likely to encounter hawksbill or green sea turtle, and the less attractive families of scorpion fish and moray eel. There are occasional sightings of eagle ray, manta ray, black tip reefshark, bumphead, napoleon and if you’re lucky, a whaleshark.

We also regularly see lobster, cuttlefish and seahorse. There is also a very interesting macro life, with many shrimps, crabs, jawfish, gobies, nudibranchs and worms. Night dives also offer a different set, with all the crustaceans in the open, octopus, squid, and even bioluminescence!

Sit down with us, consult the fish book and we will help you identify what you saw on your fun dives. Even after thousands of dives, we are still just as excited to see our reef inhabitants as if it was our first day.